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Equity Research Service is the publisher of the award-winning Investor Advisory Service (since 1973) and the market-beating SmallCap Informer (since 2012), as well as the income-generating Dividend Informer (since 2023). 

One of the nation's top-performing stock newsletters when it comes to consistent, long-term performance. This award-winning stock newsletter has been guiding investors to success since 1973.

Discover outstanding, high-quality small-cap stocks with excellent long-term prospects in a monthly small-cap stock newsletter. Past picks are tracked and recommended for sale when necessary

A subscription newsletter focused exclusively on dividend-paying stocks. Receive regular research and analysis on securities which provide a combination of income and long-term appreciation.

Our subscribers win again and again due to our obsession with stock research.




Equity Research Service is a division of ICLUBcentral, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Investors.

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